[Bhaya Cruises] Remarkable culinary experience with Bhaya Classic in Ha Long Bay

The Au Co Cruise

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Bhaya Classic & Premium is the boutique cruise line designed with a traditional look that offers authentic cruise experiences which combine the bay’s magnificent scenery with a taste of Vietnam’s rich traditional culture, whilst guaranteeing to bring superior comfort to every passenger at a very affordable price. Get ready for an exotic Halong Bay experience onboard Bhaya Cruises including our 3 brands: Bhaya Classic & Premium, The Au Co Cruises, Bhaya Legend.

▶ 1-Day Cruises: http://bit.ly/1-day-cruises
▶ 2-Day 1-Night Cruises: http://bit.ly/2D1N-Cruises
▶ 3-Day 2-Night Cruises: http://bit.ly/3D2N-Cruises
▶ 4 Days Cruises: http://bit.ly/4Dabove-Cruises

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